Interpersonal Communication Success

Course Description

This 2-day workshop will show a fresh, thoughtful look at the key skills necessary for personal and managerial success in business today. This programme employs an experiential approach suitable for any level of staff or professional.

Key Topics covered


  • Understand what interpersonal skills is and why it is important. Learn success factors in interpersonal relations
  • Learn the fundamentals of human psychology, level of interpersonal relations and how to start and develop a relationship
  • Understand the types and causes of interpersonal conflicts and personal conflict resolution styles. Learn strategies for interpersonal conflicts resolution
  • Know your strengths and understand how it guides you in your choices.
  • Improve your relationships through self-disclosure and trust.
  • Clarifying what is important: values and needs.
  • Conveying verbal messages and effective listening.
  • Giving objective feedback, understanding and working with others.
  • Learn how to persuade and the importance of networking.
  • How to negotiate effectively and resolve conflicts.
  • Importance of coaching and mentoring.
  • Empowerment and effective delegation.
  • Working as a team and problem solving.

Module 1:

  • Intrapersonal Effectiveness
  • Understanding Yourself

Module 2:

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness:
  • Understanding and Working with others

Module 3:

  • Advanced Interpersonal Skills

Module 4:

  • Group Skills
  • Understanding and Working in Teams

Who is this course for?

This course is targeted at Managers, Executives, Officers, Sales & Marketing Personnel, Department Heads and anyone looking to their interpersonal communications that form the basis for success at work.


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