English Literature

Course Description

English Literature courses for SPM, STPM, Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels are conducted here.

SPM Literature is the elective paper with the code 2205. The students are taught texts from four genres namely short story, poetry, novel and drama. The course also prepares them for SPM Literature in English examination.

STPM Literature is one of the subjects with the code 920. The students are taught 2 genres in the first semester: Poetry and Short Story, Drama in the second semester and Novel in the third semester. The students are prepared to sit for the Literature paper for each semester as well as the repeat papers.

Cambridge IGCSE Literature course is taught for students who wish to take literature as a subject for IGCSE.The syllabus also encourages the exploration of wider and universal issues, promoting learners’ better understanding of themselves and of the world around them. The students are prepared to sit for the examination.

A level Literature course is closely related to the syllabus that students have chosen.

Who is this course for?

Students sitting for the SPM, STPM, Cambridge IGCSE or A-Levels literature paper. For SPM, the SPM Literature elective paper is with the code 2205.


What’s great about this Course

  • Experienced tutor
  • Personal attention
  • State-of-art instruction materials and teaching aids

The wheel is come full circle: I am here.

The class is very lively a.k.a. fun and informative. 🙂 Through your teaching, I’m now reading books in a whole new perspective, and can understand the text in depth… I like your teaching methods because it makes Literature so much alive, and the warm atmosphere in the classroom. I’m really grateful that I’ve picked up this class and feel motivated to come to each class.

CelinLiterature Student

Very interactive. Entertaining approach towards studying. Fun. Easy to understand. Very clear and thorough teaching.

ThanushahLiterature Student

Interesting classes. Allows us to express our opinions and teaches us in different approaches to make class more entertaining.

CharissaLiterature Student

I like how teacher tries to reason with us to the best of her ability instead of leaving us hanging just like that. She also encourages interaction amongst her students. She’s also very open with her students.

P.S. They order very good curry puff!

NeilLiterature Student