English for Service Professionals

Course Description

This is a full or part-time course aimed at individuals wanting to work as customer facing services people in the Services industry such as in hotels, airlines, hospitals and the F&B industry.

Key Topics covered

How is the programme run?

Step 1: 3 month intensive classroom training by experts

Step 2: 1 month industrial training in relevant field of interest

Step 3: Final Examination and English Placement test

Step 4: Go to work as job is assured!

ASM Learning’s dual certification (with University of Cambridge – Cambridge English Certificate) service professional training programme highlights:

a)    Preparation for University of Cambridge English Test

b)   Authentic situational customer handling skills

c)    Grooming and Posture

d)   Additional essential skills training like safety, report/resume writing, and attitude/self motivation.

e)    Site visits and Industrial training.

This programme is run in collaboration with employers from the following industries:

a)    Airlines

b)   Hotels

c)    Cruise ships

d)   F&B

e)    Travel

f)     Entertainment

g)    Healthcare

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at those wanting to improve their English specifically for the Services industry. This includes hospitality and airline industry employees wanting to learn grooming to advance their career or school leavers and job seekers wishing to get into the Service industry.

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