English at the Workplace

Course Description

English Language is widely used in all sectors and proficiency in the language will give you a greater advantage.”

This is a 3-day intensive programme on English language, for anyone who needs to improve and enhance their proficiency and competency of the language.

Key Topics covered


  • To converse clearly, correctly and concisely.
  • To use the correct expressions in daily contacts with people.
  • To develop the confidence to speak and write well in English.
  • To pronounce the words correctly and clearly.
  • To learn how to present and speak with poise.
  • To expand vocabulary and use the right choice of words.
  • To create various types of effective business documents.
  • To know the rules to effective writing.
  • To enhance their knowledge, skill and confidence to write well.
  • To write effective business letters, emails and memos.
  • To choose the right words, style and tone.
  • To project a better image of yourself and your organisation.


Module 1: The importance of the English Language:

  • Introduction
  • Pre-course assessment
  • Opportunities & Threats
  • Global English

Module 2: Spoken & communication: (Speaking Skills)

  • Making introductions and greetings
  • Expressing polite remarks
  • Thank you and please
  • Listening, understanding and replying
  • Expressing and making apologies
  • Questions and answers
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Starting a conversation
  • Expressing opinions
  • Making requests
  • Expressing invitations and responses
  • Making suggestions
  • Making evasive statements
  • Expressing sympathy, condolence and consolation

Module 3: Using Proper English Grammar: (Writing Skills)

  • Grammar rules
  • Parts of Speech
  • Is, are, was, were
  • Has & have
  • Do & does
  • Present, Past & Future Tense
  • A, the, an
  • Singular and plural
  • Present, Past & Future Continuous
  • Question forms
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Grammar exercises

Module 4: Essential Vocabulary and Reading: (Listening Skills)

  • Vocabulary in the workplace
  • Wh-words
  • Time related words
  • Reading to improve vocabulary
  • Newspaper & Magazine articles
  • Reading text
  • Opposites
  • Odd one out

Module 5: Business Writing Skills: (Writing Skills)

  • The ABC of writing
  • Letter, emails and Memos
  • Creating a message
  • Effective layout
  • Effective editing
  • Rules of Good Writing

Module 6: Correct Pronunciation: (Speaking Skills)

  • Phonetic training
  • Word stress
  • Sentence stress
  • Vowels and consonants
  • -ed endings
  • Sounding enthusiastic
  • UK vs US English
  • Common errors in pronunciation
  • Words that sound the same
  • Words with silent letters

 Module 7: Telephone English: (Speaking Skills)

  • The courtesies and techniques of the telephone
  • Using the right phrases and words
  • Learning and using a script
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Sounding polite and gentle


Module 8: Presentation Skills: (Speaking Skills)

  • Speaking face-to-face
  • Speaking with poise and confidence
  • Overcoming nervousness when speaking
  • Post-course Assessment: ‘My Speech’

Who is this course for?

This is a 3-day intensive programme on English language, for anyone who needs to improve and enhance their proficiency and competency of the language.

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