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Why we are here..

Learning is seen as a major means for organizations to increase the net worth of the employees’ skills and abilities. ‘Work place learning’ and education today accounts for more growth in economic output than employee health, capital, the composition of the work place etc. Research reveals that the work place accounts for 85% of the variance in lifetime earnings. In other words, company training makes a clear and significant difference in an employee’s earnings and employment prospects.


Our overall objective is to provide the highest quality of customer service and care, giving full recognition and adherence to agreed specifications and applicable training requirements. We are fully committed to managing our services to the highest possible standards and in accordance with the requirements of Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad and use it as a framework for establishing and reviewing our quality objectives.


Our services are managed and carried out by experienced and trained trainers and employees, who receive every support from management in order to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve high performance levels, thereby promoting the confidence of customers in the company. We continually strive to meet the requirements of our customers, without compromising company policy, stated quality objectives and statutory/regulatory/requirements.


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