I have been training teachers since 2012. I started training in-service teachers who are attached to Ministry of Education. I was also an employee of the same Ministry. After four years of training teachers who frequently did not want to be trained, I decided to make a bold move to find for a greener pasture.

Yes, I quit the Ministry of Education and became a full time trainer of Diploma in TESOL.

Am I happy? Happier? Any regrets?

Honestly, I am in between being happier and having regrets! Why the paradox? Happier because now I am training people who wish to become teachers on their own accord. These people are here for a purpose. The most important thing is, it is their choice to become an English Language teacher. I must say, there is a world of difference between teachers who are working mindlessly and wanna be teachers with purposeful drive.

Regrets? Well I regret that a large number of in-service teachers are demotivated, depressed and some are even lackadaisical in their attitude. They say they are overworked, overburdened with duties and lack family time. How can this be so? The current group of wanna be teachers are even more overburdened or should I say they have chosen to be overburdened! The group of people who are pursuing Diploma in TESOL are full time employees elsewhere. They come from varied background, from tuition teachers to engineers and even home makers.

What are the driving factors in these people which are lacking in our government school teachers? Food for thought!

-Leela James Dass, Teacher Trainer.