8 Tips to better business writing

Tips for writing great business emails and letters

1. Use short sentences. Follow the ‘KISS’ formula. Keep your sentences short and simple.

2. Use simple words. Use words which are easy and simple to understand. This will enable the reader to understand the message.

3. Avoid wordiness. Use the words with care and be economical so as to set the right tone.

4. Tone. Use appropriate tone to suit the reader and the subject matter. You can be friendly, firm or persuasive – depending on the message you wish to convey. Failure to use the right tone may cause misunderstanding.

5. Be exact. You letter should be long enough to serve its purpose, but no longer.

6. Accuracy. Double check all the facts, figures and information as well as spelling, punctuation and grammar.

7. Be Consistent. Consistency should be maintained throughout, such as, format and presentation.

8. Take initiative. Be precise and do not be vague. Be exact with the information so that the reader knows everything that you are trying to write about.